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The Easiest Way Ever

We know YouTube doesn't provide a download button, but this YouTube downloader for Mac does. One download button with multiple choices to download YouTube videos with different resolutions. You can also directly download MP3 from YouTube or download entire playlist.

Add to iTunes, Apple Device Ready

You download YouTube video to your Mac's folder first in its original formats (e.g. FLV). When converting the video to Apple-compatible formats, you're able to added YouTube videos to your iTunes automatically. It's then only a click away to sync to your iPod/iPhone/iPad to enjoy on the go.

Your Music Library without Limits

YouTube is the largest video sharing sites in the world. It's totally free to download YouTube music to extend your music library with YouTube downloader for Mac. Besides YouTube, 100+ other sites are supported, like MTV, AOL, Vimeo, Vevo, Facebook, Break, Metacafe, ABC, BBC, TED, etc.

Download YouTube Videos in Bulk

Time is money. We do our best to save you time and money. AllMyTube for Mac allows you to download multiple YouTube videos at the same time. With our exclusive cutting-edge multi-thread technology, it's 3 times faster than other YouTube downloaders for Mac OSX (Yosemite fully supported).

Play YouTube Videos Offline Fast

Using some other ways to download video from YouTube, you may need to install an extra FLV player to play the downloaded video files. AllMyTube for Mac is the only app you need to download, play and convert YouTube video. A media player is built in to play your FLV, MP4, WebM videos with ease.

Transfer YouTube Video Wirelessly

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac is the only YouTube downloader for Mac with the wireless transfer feature. After connected with your iPod, iPhone, iPad on which Wondershare Player has been installed, you're able to download YouTube video to your Apple devices wirelessly and instantly.

5 Ways to Download YouTube Videos on Your Mac Computer

Our mission is to provide you with the easiest way to enjoy YouTube video anywhere. In addition to Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac, there are other YouTube video downloader for Mac applications you can find on the market, or you even don't need any installation to get YouTube video or MP3 files. Here 5 methods are introduced to download videos from YouTube on Mac.

#1 Recommended AllMyTube for Mac: Download Effortlessly and Enjoy Anywhere

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac is the best video downloader in terms of simplicity and performance. As far as we know, it's the first and only YouTube downloader for Mac that enables you to download a YouTube video or an entire YouTube playlist with one button. Recently, an MP3 option is added to the download menu so you don't need to download and then convert YouTube to MP3 format. Like online YouTube converters, you can now extract audio from YouTube to MP3 with just a single click (no copy and paste URL, easier than ever). If you're a Chrome user on Mac, you'll love this YouTube downloader to the most because Google Chrome is fully supported, apart from Safari and Firefox. AllMyTube for Mac is so innovative and powerful that it's the most reliable YouTube downloader and YouTube converter for Mac and Windows up to date. 5 stars and highly recommended!

Download YouTube Videos with One Click

#2 FetchVideo: Download YouTube Video without Installing Anything

FetchVideo enables you to get YouTube video by simply copying and pasting URL to its input box. Alternatively, change the '' domain to '' in the address bar and hit enter. FetchVideo and other sites similar to it won't install anything to your Mac, but you need to click Run in the warning box to start YouTube video analyzing and converting before it can provide you with the real download link. One more thing, you need to carefully click the button on this type of online YouTube downloaders. Usually they will put loads of advertisements everywhere to support expensive hosting server By the way, FetchVideo can help you loop a specific YouTube video. This is very helpful if you want to watch a YouTube video again and again.

Save YouTube Videos on Mac without install anything

#3 Safari: The Tricky Way to Download YouTube Video on Mac (Outdated)

In the early days when YouTube was using Flash technology to stream its video, people can download YouTube video right from Safari like this: click the Window menu and go to Activity, and then find the item that represents your video which usually has the biggest size. Next simply double click that item and the download will start immediately. Unfortunately, this method didn't work when YouTube adopted the new technology to broadcast its videos.

Save YouTube Videos on Mac with Safari

#4 Firefox: DownloadHelper Is the Best YouTube Download Addon

If you have installed Firefox on your Mac, just get Video DownloadHelper addon to save video from YouTube without hassles. It works like Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac. That is when DownloadHelper detects a video, its icon in the toolbar will start rotating. A menu shows you all the video files that are downloadable. Just pick one with your desired resolutions and formats. You're able to download all found video files in one click, in case your bandwidth allows. DownloadHelper sometimes might stop working due to the frequent updates of Firefox. Go to its official page for the latest new when you encounter a problem. DownloadHelper requires ConvertHelper to convert the downloaded video to another format. Since ConvertHelper only works on Windows, DownloadHelper is not a perfect solution if you want to download and convert YouTube videos on Mac. By the way, DownloadHelper can also help you download image files from many sites.

Download YouTube Videos on Mac with Firefox

#5 RealPlayer SP for Mac: Media Player and Downloader 2-in-1

Want YouTube downloader addon for Google Chrome on Mac like DownloadHelper for Firefox? Forget about it. Google won't let that happen. You know YouTube is also belonged to Google. Downloading video from YouTube is violating its terms of use (but legal, take it easy). Now we introducing the last method to download YouTube videos on Mac - RealPlayer. It's one of the well-known media player programs like VLC for Mac. It comes with neat and tidy interface. Most important, it lets you play almost any video format without installing extra codecs. But as a video downloader, it's buggy and only works on some sites. Just as CNet editor says, sometimes it doesn't function at all. Anyway, try your luck. Note: You have to go to CNet to download RealPlayer SP for Mac. It has been replaced with the new product RealPlayer Cloud for Mac on its official site.

Download YouTube Videos on Mac with RealPlayer

Conclusion on YouTube Download for Mac

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac is our recommendation to download and convert YouTube videos on Mac. At one place, you get everything you need to enjoy YouTube anywhere without any hassle. It's fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or later, including the latest Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Try it now to evaluate the best YouTube experience. If you're searching for a free solution, Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader for Mac is available. See below for the differences. FetchVideo is also a good and free solution to grab video from YouTube on Mac, but limits are obvious. If you don't need to convert YouTube videos, DownloadHelper is your choice. But you have to use Firefox to run DownloadHelper. Once again, AllMyTube excels other competitors because of the full compatibility with the Big-3 web browsers on Mac - Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Want Free YouTube Downloader for Mac?

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac is an all-in-one YouTube downloading, playing, converting and sharing solution, while Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader for Mac will charge you nothing to download and play YouTube videos on Mac. Download free YouTube downloader for Mac now. Also check the detailed differences between AllMyTube and its free version below.

  Free YouTube Downloader for Mac Best YouTube Downloader for Mac
Download Mac YouTube videos in any formats, including
HTML5, HD, HQ and even 4K YouTube videos.

mac youtube downloader

youtube downloader features

Download more videos apart from YouTube videos. Supports all popular video sites like Vimeo, Facebook, VEVO, MTV, CBS, Yahoo Video, Metacafe, ESPN, Dailymotion, TED, BBC, VH1, WatTV, NBC, The NY Times, AOL, Break, etc.

youtube downloader features

Directly Download YouTube to MP3 on Mac. Better than those online YouTube downloader, you can download multiple MP3 files at the same time.

youtube downloader features

Download Entire YouTube Playlist with one click. Download all videos included in a YouTube playlist by the integrated download button. You can select your favorite videos before starting to download.

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youtube downloader features

Convert YouTube videos on Mac to play nearly anywhere. Choose from regular video formats like MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WebM, SWF, etc., or simply select the target device you want to play YouTube videos on.

youtube downloader features

Download YouTube audio to high quality audio files, including MP3, M4A, WAV, MKA, etc.

youtube downloader features

Play downloaded YouTube videos on Mac without installing extra player. A player is built in to play newly downloaded YouTube video and any videos in FLV/MP4/WebM format.

youtube downloader features

youtube downloader features

Transfer YouTube videos without a cable. Forget about the traditional transfer method and use the latest QR technology to easily share YouTube video on a mobile device under the same WiFi network.

youtube downloader features

youtube downloader features

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YouTube Downloader for Mac FAQs

Is it legal to download videos from YouTube?

We think saving online video clips (not limited to YouTube) for use of personal entertainment, information or education is usually allowable, no matter whether as a "fair use" according to the United States Copyright Act. Plus, most videos are hosted under a public domain which means, at least at the United States, there isn't any copyright issues or maybe most copyrights has fully or irrevocably expired), or maybe the copyright holders are alright with you downloading most of these video clips. Some copyright holders are actually happy to see you saving and distributing copies of these video clips to as many as people, as long as you're not earning money by this or don't financially benefit from it. However, copyright infringement is a pretty sophisticated section of the legislation, also it is just not generally crystal clear what a copyright owner might be alright with. Therefore we encourage your extreme caution and don't distribute it to anyone unless it's explicitly expressed. Some copyright owners might inform you that you can re-use or re-distribute their videos, in whole, or in part, according to the Creative Commons type license. Learn more here: http: //wiki. creativecommons. org/Content_Directories.

In all, you can download video or music from YouTube and enjoy it for personal or educational purpose unless you’re going to distribute or sell it. If you still have any question, check with the local laws of your country, your state or your city.


Generally speaking, URL is the address to locate and display a page including videos, images, texts, etc. You're able to find the URL in the address bar of your web browser. If you can't see the address bar, show it first from your web browser setting (usually right clicking on the top menu).

What's are the Most Popular YouTube-like sites to Download music?

YouTube is the first choice to find your favorite music to download nowadays. However, there are many options in fact. If you can find your music on YouTube, also try these sites:,,,,,,,,,,,, and so on.